Tell Us About Your Family!


My partner and I met our second year of college. Five years after, married outside of Seattle. She's a graphic novel author and has helped me raise two wonderful children. Our son is enthralled with soccer and our daughter is loving little league. As a family, we think it's important to learn about the world around us and to do our part to make it last!

Do You Need Some New Local Spots?


– Beaches: Alki, Seabrook, Damon Point Spit, Fort Flagner North Beach

– Winter Fun: Mt. Baker, The Summit, Crystal Mountain, Steven's Pass, Alpental Ski Resort

– Festivals: Spokane Family Fun Fair, Tukwila's Backyard Wildlife Festival, Lacey Spring Fun Fair, Auburn Pet Palooza, Seattle Children's Festival

On The Lookout For Family Friendly Restaurants?


We love places that have a family friendly feel, but we also mix it up with food options that may be a bit outside our comfort zone. These are some of our favorites: Smokey Point Bakery Cafe, Itto's Tapas, Meskel, Mamnoon, Freelard Pizza